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My Promise

I will provide transparent and simply stated documents. I will work with you and your cat in a professional and loving way. I believe that I am a professional that can help your cat but no guarantee can be stated or implied that change will occur. Anyone that promises guaranteed change or a quick fix should not be considered reputable. Progress cannot be made if you as the cat guardian does not implement the behavior plan consistently and thoroughly. Consistency must be daily work. If your cat is experiencing severe behavioral problems outside my expertise that I identify may require more intensive behavioral care, I will refer you to your veterinarian or a veterinarian who specializes in behavior.  

I am insured through Petcare Insurance.

**Please Note: I am not a veterinarian. I cannot treat or diagnose medical problems associated with your cat. It is imperative that all cats I work with be checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could be the cause of the behavioral issue prior to contacting me.



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