Our Working Relationship

Cat behavior consulting isn’t the most mainstream career and can mean different things to different people. There are many different approaches to working with cats and behavior concerns. My goal is to advocate for your cat to help you understand their needs better. This understanding is the key to helping you help your cat work through behavior concerns.  To be a successful team for your cat, we must be on the same page before working together.

Successful outcomes involve clients being open to:

  • Understanding what their cat is telling them by learning to read their body language.  

  • Making changes to their environment to help their cat.

  • Working on their cat's timeline.

  • Understanding and respecting their cat's boundaries.

  • Adjusting their schedule to work with their cat on behavior recommendations regularly.

We are likely a good fit to work together if you:

  • Understand it’s your responsibility as your cat’s guardians to implement my recommendations.

  • Are willing to work at the pace and comfort level of your cat.

  • Are interested in building a better bond with and understanding your cat.

  • Are open to suggestions and recommendations that are to benefit you and your cat.

  • Understand that this a team effort, and to help you, I need you to communicate updates and concerns promptly.

We are probably NOT a good fit to work together if you:

  • Are looking for a quick or easy fix for your cat’s behavior concern.

  • Need someone to fix your cat’s behavior concern for you.

  • Have a limited timeline in which you expect/need your cat’s behavior concern to be resolved.

  • Are unable to do the homework necessary to work on a behavior modification plan.

My Promise:

At The Fulfilled Feline, I strive to provide educationally based guidance in enriching cats' lives through insightful behavior modification. I am a compassionate and judgment-free professional in this field who wants to understand you and your cat to serve both your needs best. I do not use or believe in behavior modification methods that include intimidation, force, fear, or pain. I use positive reinforcement behavior modification techniques that reward desirable behavior.

In working with me, you must understand that this is a team effort. This work will involve a behavioral approach to eliminating or modifying unwanted issues. I will provide you the tools, recommendations, and support, but you, the cat guardian, are responsible for implementing the plan. Progress cannot be made if you, as the cat guardian, do not consistently and thoroughly implement the behavior plan. Consistency must be daily work.

I will provide transparently stated documents. I will work with you and your cat professionally and lovingly. I believe that I am a professional that can help your cat, but no guarantee can be stated or implied that change will occur. Anyone that promises guaranteed change or a quick fix should not be considered reputable. If your cat is experiencing severe behavioral problems outside my expertise that I identify may require more intensive behavioral care, I will refer you to your veterinarian or a veterinarian who specializes in behavior.  

I am insured through Petcare Insurance.

**Please Note: I am not a veterinarian. I cannot treat or diagnose medical problems associated with your cat. It is imperative that all cats I work with be checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could cause the behavioral issue before contacting me.



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