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Compassion for Cats = Compassion for You

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Compassion fatigue and burnout are common among people who work with cats but are hardly discussed or recognized. Many people involved in cat rescue and welfare struggle with this alone or are too overwhelmed to recognize they need support. In this 4 part webinar, I will discuss the unique challenges of compassion fatigue in cat advocacy and welfare and the beginning steps to help you become aware of how to better care for yourself while caring for cats. You can watch at your own pace watching this webinar and will have lifetime access. Part 1: What is Compassion Fatigue & Burnout (~ 17 min) Part 2: Why We Should Talk About Compassion Fatigue (~ 15 min) Part 3: What Compassion Fatigue Looks Like (~19 min) Part 4: Beginning Strategies for Compassion Fatigue (~34 min) *Please Note: This is a peer-led, trauma-aware, and non-clinical webinar led by myself, who has lived experience with compassion fatigue and burnout in cat welfare. This webinar does not substitute professional mental health counseling or services. ***Due to the digital nature of this material, no refunds. All sales are final.

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