Individual Consulting

**Currently booking clients for all individual consulting services beginning February 2022** 

I can assist with house-soiling, spraying,  aggression, destructive behavior, and fear/stress/anxiety concerns. 

**I am not currently taking cases regarding introducing a new cat into a multi-cat household or re-integrating cats who are currently separated due to aggression. Please visit this page to find consultants and resources to help you.**

Please refer to my FAQ for more information about these services and The Fulfilled Feline's Philosophy and Our Working Relationship to determine if we're a good fit to work together.  

You will not be invoiced for my services until you have completed the intake questionnaire. I currently only accept payment through PayPal. No services will be rendered until payment is received. 

Basic Behavioral Wellness Advice


**Booking beginning February 2022**

Are you looking for professional behavioral advice for your cat(s) but don’t feel you need the expanded offerings of the comprehensive service? My Basic Behavior Wellness Advice service may suit your needs. This service is email-based and begins with a short questionnaire asking your behavior concerns and specific questions you’d like me to address in my follow-up email with your recommendations. Once I receive the answers to your questionnaire, I will provide you with a written list of recommendations that will be emailed to you. I will provide you with the date you should receive these recommendations once I've received your payment. This service is best suited towards mild-moderate behavior concerns.


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Written List of Recommendations

  • Educational Handouts

*This is a one-time service only without any follow-up outside of your initial emailed recommendations. 

**This service is email-based only.

***Additional follow-up emails with additional recommendations and advice will be $30 per email. 

**** This service is not for new cat introductions or reintegrating separated cats due to inter-cat aggression. 

Comprehensive Behavioral Wellness Package


**Booking beginning February 2022**

This service provides you with a professional service catered to your cat's mental, physical, and emotional needs in addition to addressing their behavioral concerns. This is a premium and comprehensive service that is curated for you and your cat. This service is best suited toward severe or chronic behavior concerns. 


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Up to 2-hour Evaluation (in-home or remote)

  • Personalized Mind, Body, Soul Guide for you and your cat

  • 2 Follow-Up Phone Call (30 min.)

  • Educational Handouts

  • Unlimited 3 months of Email Support

*I service the following zip codes only for in-home:  34787, 34786, 32836  34760, 34761, 32821, 32819, and 34734.

I am not a veterinarian. I cannot treat or diagnose medical problems associated with your cat. It is imperative that all cats I work with be checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could cause the behavioral concern before contacting me.