Elite Behavior Package Details

Price: $675 (In-home & Remote)

This service is best suited for…

  • Cats who are not using the litter box correctly and/or spraying for an extended period (months-years).

  • Cats with severe inter-cat aggression concerns where cat fights result in injury often.

  • Cats with aggression concerns that are causing injury to you or other people regularly.

  • Cats with fear, anxiety, or socialization concerns making it difficult for your cat to live comfortably.

  • Households with multiple cats experiencing individual behavior concerns.

  • Cats with multiple moderate-severe behavior concerns (i.e., litter box issues + aggression).

This process for the Elite Behavior Package will include the following:

*Description of the Email Behavior Consultation, Mini Behavior Consultation, Standard Behavior Consultation, and Feline Fundamentals Consultation are listed on the Services page.

1. Intake Behavior Questionnaire
This is an in-depth questionnaire that asks you questions about your cat's history, health, habits, home environment, and related behavioral concern. This questionnaire is key to understanding and assessing your cat's behavior and pinpoint problem areas to address. There are no right or wrong answers to this questionnaire,  but your honest appraisals will hopefully lead to the best behavior plan. I will often ask for photos and/or videos to get the most precise picture of your concern in addition to your questionnaire. 
2. Consultation

  • In-Home: In an in-home consultation, I will be visiting your place of residence. I will follow-up with you on your intake questionnaire and observe and evaluate your cat(s) and environment. I invite you to share your concerns and input during this time. This on-site visit typically takes around 2 hours.

  • Remote: In a remote consultation, I will do an extensive review of your intake questionnaire, photos, and videos by phone or Zoom call.  Remote consults are available for local intervention if this is the path you choose. Our call typically lasts 90 minutes- 2 hours. 

3. Behavior Plan
Following either an in-home or remote consultation, I will be providing you with your own personalized and in-depth behavior plan. This behavior plan will be provided within one week following your consultation. Your personalized behavior plan will include...

  • Assessment: This will be a thorough summary of your cat's behavior concern and my observations of why your cat is experiencing this concern based on my evaluation from the consultation.

  • Goals & Recommendations: This will be a detailed list of individual goals followed by recommendations to help remedy and modify your cat's behavior. I may also provide product recommendations and supplemental resources on this list. My recommendations require that you, as the cat guardian, be actively involved in the implementation of my recommendations. This is your homework. Behavior modification requires involvement and consistency on your part for progress to be made. This is why my recommendations will often have various options to cater to your schedule and lifestyle. No behavior plan is one size fits all for every cat or every cat guardian! I want you to succeed and your cat to be fulfilled, and that can't happen unless we're on the same page and work together as a team.

4. Follow-Up Calls

Once your behavior plan is emailed to you, you will have the option to schedule 2 (30-minute) follow-up calls. These calls can be scheduled at any time within the 12-week duration of your behavior package.

5. Instructional and/or Informational Handouts

These are either instructional guides I've written regarding some of your recommendations and/or educational materials about your specific behavior concern I've acquired from a professional source. These handouts help supplement your behavior plan and provide you with more knowledge on your cat's behavior.

6. Unlimited Email Support
In addition to the follow-up calls, there are 12 weeks of email support. This period will begin after your behavior plan has been emailed to you. This is open for you to ask questions about my recommendations and provide me with any additional updates. My follow-up to your emails will be concise and serve as an adjunct to the behavior plan. Please allow up to 72 hours for me to respond to your emails.
*Additional follow-up in-home visits, calls, or email support beyond the 8 weeks can be provided at an additional charge.

**Please Note: I am not a veterinarian. I cannot treat or diagnose medical problems associated with your cat. It is imperative that all cats I work with be checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could cause the behavioral concern before contacting me.



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