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Fulfilling Cat-versation: Introduction

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Let's start with an introduction. My name is Stephanie Merlin, and I'm a Holistic Cat Behavior Specialist. If you know me well, this isn't my first rodeo as a blogger! I blogged from 2010-2017 daily on an unrelated topic, but I've been drawn to come back as a blogger.

Why a blog? Why now? Is this is even relevant anymore?

I don't know the latter question, and honestly, statistics and numbers are not relevant for me. Writing has always been my favorite form of communication. Writing has always helped me process, release, create connection, and build community. I've missed it dearly.

I've wanted to write about my feelings, experiences, and conversations I want to have as a cat advocate, care provider, and cat parent for a long time. Still, the idea of what a blog "should" look like coming from a behavior specialist has kept me feeling limited. I "should" be posting articles on cat care and behavior modification tips. I "shouldn't" be sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings as a cat care professional because that's "too much" or it may be "unprofessional."

One of the things I've learned over the last year is trying to make myself palatable to people by following the conventional path I felt I should, people-pleasing and stifling my true self is absolutely soul-sucking. I'm human, and I want to be human when expressing myself and helping others. Being this raw and vulnerable may not be appealing to some, but that's OK,

I want to write these blogs and share feelings and emotions through this platform. It may not always be pretty, but that's life, and that's human.

What are Fulfilling Cat-versations? What is this blog about?

Fulfilling Cat-versations will be the deeper conversations I want to have about cat care, behavior, wellness, cat-human bond, trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout, and self-care as a cat care professional, cat mom, and cat advocate. As mentioned above, this isn't a tips and tricks blog; it's a I want to talk about profound and sometimes difficult things blog.

I've found that sharing thoughts and feelings, especially on these topics, helps me not feel so isolated. In my longer Instagram and Facebook posts, I notice that the topics of conversation are ones my "followers" (what a terrible word--I'll think of another one) appreciate most. It helps them not feel so alone and feel supported. Connection is one of my core values as a person, it's something I strive to cultivate more of with myself and other people, and this feels like the most natural way for me to nurture that.

I can't predict how this blog will organically evolve, but that is my current vision. As far as how much I plan to post, no idea. I plan to be as authentic as possible with myself and post when it feels right.

I hope you all will join me in the journey of fulfilling cat-versation, and thank you for your support! Please feel free to comment below.

Love & Meows,


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