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Soul Cat-nection Emotional Wellbeing Kit

Soul Cat-nection Emotional Wellbeing Kit

SKU: 004

Soul Cat-nection Emotional Wellbeing Kit is for guardians looking to strengthen their bond and heart connection with their cat.


  • Additionally, this kit may help provide emotional support for the following cat behavior concerns in conjunction with veterinary and behavioral care: Fear toward humans, withdrawn behavior, inter-cat conflict, and separation anxiety. 


Emotional Wellbeing Kits are curated by me and charged with Reiki intention to help you create a loving and comforting space to honor yourself and your connection with your cat. All kits include crystals, dried herbs to make a Comfort & Enrichment Garden for your cat, a guided meditation, and affirmation to help nurture you and your cat’s emotions and enhance your bond.

  • What's Inside

    Soul Cat-nection Crystals:

    • Garnet (Grade AA ethically sourced from Brazil)
    • Rose Quartz (Grade AA ethically sourced from Madagascar)
    • Unakite (Grade A ethically sourced from Brazil)


    Soul Cat-nection Comfort & Enrichment Garden Dried Herbs:

    • Organic Helichrysum Flowers 4 grams (ethically sourced from Albania)
    • Organic  Rose Buds & Petals 4 grams (ethically sourced from Morocco and India)
    • Organic Calendula Flowers 4 grams (ethically sourced from Morocco)


    Meditation for Soul Cat-nection (QR code for easy access to listen to meditation)


    Affirmation for Soul Cat-nection


    Energy centers of focus  for Soul Cat-nection


    Information Containing:

    • Emotionally supportive properties of the crystals and herbs selected in this kit
    • Information on how to best use this kit together with your cat
    • Self-selection usage guide for using crystals and herbs with cats


    *Each herb packet should make up to 2-3 herb gardens.

    **Learn more about the herbs selected for this kit by reading The Aromatic Cat book

  • Disclaimer

    Please note by purchasing, you understand the following:

    • Crystals and herbs are intended for emotional support and enrichment purposes only.
    • Crystals and herbs are not a medical treatment nor a substitute for veterinary, behavioral, or mental health care.
    • Crystals should only be used under supervision.
    • Always allow for self-selection based on the instructions in your usage guide inside your kit.
    • All herbs offered in kits are researched for usage in cats. However, I cannot guarantee or assume every cat’s response or reaction.
  • Shipping & Refunds

    • USA Shipping Only.
    • All orders are shipped and insured via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground with tracking.
    • Orders will be shipped within 3 business days after purchase.
    • All orders will receive a tracking number sent via email. Refer to your tracking number for shipment and delivery details.
    • All sales are final. No refunds or returns.


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