Please refer to my FAQ for more information about these services and Our Working Relationship to determine if we're a good fit to work together.  

In-Home Consult Service Area: Service area is within 12 miles of the 32836 zip code near Lake Buena Vista, FL. If outside this service area, I will only be able to accommodate a remote consultation.

You will not be invoiced for my services until you have completed the intake questionnaire. I currently only accept payment through PayPal. ​Invoices must be paid 72 hours after it is emailed to you to secure your consultation time.

*Due to the current health situation regarding COVID-19, I am only scheduling remote services. In-home services will resume June 2021.

10-Minute Introductory Call


This is a 10-minute call where I will gather some brief information regarding your behavior concern, discuss your options in behavior services, and determine how/if we'd like to move forward working together.

*This call will not exceed 10-minutes nor will it provide any behavior advice which would require the purchase of a behavior service. 

Mini Behavior Consultation

$175 (Remote Only)

Booking June 2021

Are you looking for professional behavioral advice for your cat(s) but don’t feel you need the expanded offerings of other behavior services? A Mini Behavior Consultation may suit your needs. In a 45-minute phone call, we will discuss your concerns, and I will provide you with some advice and feedback to help point you in the right direction to help you and your cat. Shortly after our call, I will email you a short and sweet list of recommendations based on our conversation. This service is best recommended for mild behavior concerns. This consult is not a substitute for more involved behavior services. 


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Up to 45-minute Phone/Zoom Consultation

  • Short & Sweet List of Recommendations

  • Educational Handouts

  • Unlimited 2 Weeks of Email Support

** This service is not for new cat introductions or reintegrating separated cats due to inter-cat aggression. Please see Cat Introduction Consultation.

Standard Behavior Consultation 

$350 (In-Home) $325 (Remote)

Booking June 2021

This is my most popular service offering that satisfies a majority of my client's needs. This service provides you with more personalized service and follow-up addressing common behavior concerns. 


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Up to 90-minute Consultation

  • Outlined Behavior Plan

  • 1 Follow-Up Call (30 min.)

  • Educational Handouts

  • Unlimited 6 Weeks of Email Support

*This is a base price. Additional fees and additional sessions may apply if working on multiple behavior issues with one cat or individual behavior issues with multiple cats.

** This service is not for new cat introductions or reintegrating separated cats due to inter-cat aggression. Please see Cat Introduction Consultation.

Cat Introduction Consultation


Not currently booking. Please email for a referral.

Are you having issues integrating a new cat in your home, or are you having to separate cats due to inter-cat aggression and want help to reintegrate your cats? This is the service option for you. Introducing cats or reintroducing cats is a very delicate and time-intensive process that I can accommodate for this service option only. This process often requires several months of work and support that my other services cannot accommodate. I am unable to offer this type of help in any other behavior service.



Feline Fundamentals Consultation

$300 (In-Home) $275 (Remote)

Booking June 2021

Are you a new kitten owner, cat owner for the first time, or just interested in becoming more cat savvy for your cats? This consultation helps to set you and your cats up for success. I will provide you with personalized tips for creating a cat-friendly space, implementing engaging enrichment, and navigating nutritional needs.


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Up to 1-Hour Consultation

  • Outlined "Set You Up For Success" Plan

  • Educational Handouts

  • Unlimited 2 Weeks Email Support

*This service is not a substitute for a behavior consult. This service serves as a preventative measure. 


$35 (per 30-minute follow-up support call)

$100 (1 month of additional email support)

$125 (additional 45-minute call consultation + short list of recommendations)

$175 (additional 45-minute in-home consultation+ short list of recommendations)

If you've purchased any of the above behavior services, you are welcome to extend or add to your service with the above options. These options are available ONLY to people who have purchased a behavior service. 

**Follow-up support calls apply only to support regarding what was discussed in our initial consultation, not new or separate behavior concerns. 

*If addressing a new/separate behavior concern or it has been more than 3 months since the end of your behavior service, we will need to schedule another consultation at the rate listed above. 

Note: I am not a veterinarian. I cannot treat or diagnose medical problems associated with your cat. It is imperative that all cats I work with be checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could be the cause of the behavioral concern prior to contacting me.