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Soul Cat-nection Package

Starting at $199

Do you need help navigating a behavior concern with your cat? 

Are you interested in a holistic approach and guidance to deepen your understanding of your cat's behavior, support their emotions, and strengthen your bond?

My Soul Cat-nection Package was developed to help you with precisely these areas. In this package, you will receive a comprehensive, personalized Soul Cat-nection Guide with insights and recommendations for your cat's emotional, behavioral, and general wellbeing and one of my Emotional Wellbeing Kits filled with meditation, crystals, and herbs to support you and your cat on this journey in Soul Cat-nection. 

Soul Cat-nection Package: Services

What your package includes:

  • Intake questionnaire

  • Soul Cat-nection Personalized Guide (See example)

    • Breakdown of emotional, behavioral, and general wellbeing areas with my professional observations, intuitive insight, and recommendations to support you and your cat

      • Recommendations may include links to products, videos, or resources

      • Areas that may be addressed for you and your cat are:

        • Emotional Wellbeing- evaluation of your cat's emotional influences behind their behavior,  explorative journaling prompts to get you thinking more deeply about your cat's emotions and your own, and holistic practices (meditation, sound therapy, flower essences, affirmations, etc.) to help nurture your cat's emotions

        • Behavioral Wellbeing- behavioral insights and recommendations based on your cat's environmental, enrichment, instinctual, and sensory needs 

        • General Wellbeing- insights and recommendations on nutrition, physical  comfort, and health guidance to help you navigate veterinary visits for prevention or early intervention

  • Emotional Wellbeing Kit selected by me (either Inner Strength, Finding Peace, Holding Space, or Soul Cat-nection)

  • Two weeks of email support following receipt of your guide for any questions

Upgrades & Add-Ons:

-Substitute your base Emotional Wellbeing Kit for a customized Emotional Wellbeing Kit kit curated by me, specifically for you and your cat + $35

-Distance Reiki Healing Session with Dr. Lisa Lapwing, Reiki Master +$65*

-Additional week of email support +$35

*Dr. Lisa can provide in-home Reiki sessions for Orlando area clients at an additional rate

Soul Cat-nection Package: Text

Is this service right for me?

Service is suitable for cat guardians..:

  • Seeking guidance with mild-moderate behavioral concerns

  • Seeking a deeper understanding of their cat's emotions and behavior

  • Looking for professional guidance, insights, and recommendations on ways to support their cat

  • Open to exploring their own emotions and bond with their cat

  • Open to a holistic, intuitive, and emotionally-attuned approach to cat behavioral wellbeing​

Service is NOT suitable for cat guardians..:

  • Experiencing severe behavioral concerns that need urgent intervention

  • Looking for cat training or a strictly behavioral approach

  • Needing their cat's behavior problem to be fixed by a set time frame

  • Needing in-person or virtual coaching sessions

  • Needing help introducing or reintegrating cats who currently have to be separated due to aggression (this type of concern has more complexities and time commitment than this service can provide)

I encourage you to check out my The Fulfilled Feline's Philosophy and FAQ pages to determine if I'm the right fit to help you. 

Soul Cat-nection Package: Text

How it works:

  1. If this service sounds right for you and your cat, you will need to fill out this interest form

  2. I will then send you my intake questionnaire, which will give me a deeper dive into your and your cat’s specific needs. I may email you with additional follow-up questions and request photos and video if needed.

  3. You will be invoiced when I’ve received and reviewed your completed questionnaire.

  4. When payment is received, I will let you know my turn-around time of when you should expect to receive your Soul Cat-nection Guide. In most cases, this will be between 3-7 days.

  5. Once you’ve received your Soul Cat-nection Guide, you will have two weeks of email support if needed for any follow-up questions or clarification regarding your guide.

  6. If you’ve selected the base package, I will mail your Emotional Wellbeing Kit within three business days of your payment via priority mail. If you’ve upgraded to a personalized kit, I will send your kit within 5-7 business days via priority mail.

*If you’ve requested an add-on of a Reiki session with Dr. Lisa, I will get you in touch to pay for her service separately, and you will set up your session with her.

Soul Cat-nection Package: Text

What type of concerns can you help with?

What are your qualifications?

Behavioral Concerns:

  • House-soiling and spraying

  • Fear, anxiety, and stress-related concerns

  • Aggression (cat-human or inter-cat)

  • Destructive behavior 

  • Overgrooming or other compulsive behaviors

General Wellness & Wellbeing Concerns:

  • Senior cat care

  • Kitten care

  • Enrichment and environmental evaluations and recommendations


  • 10+ years of working with cats in shelters and in private behavioral practice

  • Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist (2017)

  • Fear Free Certified Professional (2022)

  • Healing The Emotional Wounds of Animals Certificate (2021)

  • Usui Reiki 2nd Degree (2022)

  • Compassion Fatigue Educator Certificate (2020)

  • Trauma-Informed Care Certificate (2022)

Soul Cat-nection Package: Text

Please Note:

  • This service is written communication only. Your guide will be developed based on your intake questionnaire and email communication if I have further questions. This service does not include any in-person, phone, or Zoom consultation.

  • I am only able to ship Emotional Wellbeing Kits in the USA. If you are international and would like to use this service without the kit, please get in touch with me for pricing.

Soul Cat-nection Package: Text
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