Working With Me

I have a holistic and intuitive approach centered on nurturing and understanding cats’ mind, body, and soul. Even though my work will often include conventional behavioral recommendations, my work is not centered on creating traditional behavior modification or training plans as some other behavior consultants might offer. 

My work is centered on helping people understand their cat’s emotional and behavioral needs and improving the cat-human bond. I achieve this by educating on emotional behavioral awareness and incorporating or recommending energetic healing modalities to support you, your cat, and your connection.

Before deciding to use any of my services, it is essential that we are on the same page as far as understanding my philosophy and if I’m the right fit for you.

​We are likely a good fit if you are open to:

  • Understanding and learning about what influences your cat’s behavior

  • Honoring cats’ emotional needs, individuality, and boundaries

  • Incorporating energy & holistic healing modalities/recommendations (Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, flower essences, etc.)

  • Making changes to help cats’ emotional wellbeing

  • Examining your emotions and how they may impact your cat

  • Cats being allowed to have choice, control, and consent in how they’re interacted with and approached​​

We are likely NOT a good fit to work together if you are:

  • Looking for a quick or easy fix for your cat behavior concerns

  • Need someone to fix cat behavior concerns for you

  • Looking for traditional behavior modification plans and/or cat training

  • Have a limited timeline where you expect/need a cat behavior concern to be resolved

  • Expect cats to play by your rules

  • Not willing to make adjustments to help your cat

  • Believe in aversive techniques to change cats’ behavior (i.e., yelling, restraint, scuffing, e-collars, hitting, etc.) 


My Promise:

At The Fulfilled Feline, I strive to provide educational and intuitive guidance in supporting cats” emotional and behavioral wellness. I am a compassionate and empathetic person who wants to understand you and your cat.

As a Fear Free Certified Professional, I do not use or believe in modalities or methods that include intimidation, force, fear, pain, or anything a cat that may cause a cat fear, anxiety, or stress. I believe cats should have choice, control, and consent in their care. Regarding energetic and holistic healing modalities, I believe in self-selection by allowing a cat to choose the healing modality and if they want to engage with it. 

I believe that I am a professional that can help people with cats, but no guarantee can be stated or implied that change will occur. Anyone that promises guaranteed change or a quick fix should not be considered reputable.

*Emotional/behavioral support and energetic and holistic healing modalities are never a substitute for veterinary care. If I suspect your cat is ill, injured, or in pain, I will always refer you to a veterinarian. Additionally, if your cat is experiencing severe behavioral problems outside my expertise that I identify may require more intensive behavioral care, I will refer you to your veterinarian or a veterinarian specializing in behavior.