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Behavioral Wellbeing Insights


Are you worried or unsure about your cat's behavior and wellbeing? I understand that your feline friend is an important part of your life. My compassionate email-based service is designed to offer you personalized professional insights and guidance to help support and honor your cat. 

Simply fill out a short intake form where you can share your concerns, and I'll respond via email with thoughtful and compassionate recommendations to help you better understand and support your cat's needs. Your cat's wellbeing is my priority, and I'm here to assist you on this journey of caring for your beloved companion.

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How it works:

  1. You will begin by completing our short questionnaire, designed to pinpoint your specific concerns.

  2. Upon receiving your questionnaire answers, I will promptly send you an invoice for the service.

  3. Upon receiving your payment, I will diligently work on crafting your personalized insights and recommendations, which will be emailed to you within 5 business days of payment receipt. You can expect approximately one page of insights and recommendations to assist you in addressing your concerns (Example).

What types of concerns can this service help with?

Mild Behavioral Concerns Regarding:​

  • House-soiling and spraying

  • Fear, anxiety, and stress-related concerns

  • Aggression (cat-human or inter-cat)

  • Destructive behavior 

  • Overgrooming or other compulsive behaviors

General Wellbeing Concerns:

  • Senior cat care

  • Kitten care

  • Enrichment and environmental evaluations and recommendations

Please note that this service is unsuitable for severe behavioral concerns or concerns requiring urgent intervention. I will refer you to another consultant or veterinary behaviorist. 

What are your qualifications?

  • 10+ years of working with cats in shelters and in private behavioral practice

  • Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist (2017)

  • Fear Free Certified Professional (2022)

  • Compassion Fatigue Educator Certificate (2020)

  • Trauma-Informed Care Certificate (2022)

Please Understand:

  • This service is meant to point you in the right direction, provide initial guidance, or help you gain clarity regarding your concern. This is not a full investigation or assessment of your concern and will not include step-by-step behavior modification or training plans.

  • ​This service is best suited toward mild behavior concerns or straightforward questions. This service can assist with initial guidance for more complex behavioral concerns, but I will likely recommend and refer you to follow-up with a behavioral consultant who offers more comprehensive services for additional support.

  • This is a written communication email-based service only. Your personalized insights will be emailed to you. 

  • Behavioral Wellbeing Insights is not a substitute for veterinary or more comprehensive behavioral care.

  • This service is not equipped to address severe behavioral concerns, concerns that need urgent intervention, or situations involving immediate considerations of relinquishment or euthanasia.

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