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What My Clientele Have to Say

Stephanie, let me start by saying THANK YOU! For folks reading this recommendation, we probably had one of the more complex situations that Stephanie has worked with. Two newly adopted kittens, a sick primary house cat, and an adopted stray that we wanted to integrate into our home. We knew NOTHING about how to accomplish this other than that we loved these cats and wanted to make their lives wonderful, calm and, to quote the name, fulfilled. For all of that, we MORE than got our money's worth.

Stephanie's service was invaluable to me and Mike, our beloved Belle, Smokey, and the kittens April and Cato. We truly cannot thank her enough. Her knowledge and thoroughness; her patient, clear, and kind communication; and her love and care of our furry little cat-family is extraordinary. Stephanie helped my husband and I by not only telling us what we needed to do to help our cats make the changes we needed, but also what we were doing right so I could quit worrying that we were "doing it wrong" or worse, "not doing enough."

Thank you again, Stephanie. Our cats' lives (and ours!) are better because of you and what you so expertly do. We will recommend you to the moon and back. 

Stasha B.- October 2020

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