Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your philosophy as a cat behavior specialist?

My philosophy as a cat behavior specialist is to be your cat’s advocate. What we perceive as behavior problems is often our cat trying to cope with boredom, frustration, stressors, or fears the only way they know how (i.e., aggression, house-soiling, etc.). I don’t see cat behavior concerns as problems to fix. These behavior concerns are our cats trying to communicate their discomfort about something with us in cat language, but we as humans don’t speak cat! My goal is to help you decipher your cat’s behavior to better anticipate and accommodate their needs alleviating behavior concerns and allowing you to build a stronger bond with your cat. You can read more about my philosophy here

What is your approach?

My approach to cat behavior consulting is integrative. I’m educated from a scientific and conventional standpoint in feline domestication, development, communication, and social behavior that contribute to feline behavior. My understanding of these components and observational skills helps me identify behavioral and environmental areas that could be causing your cat’s behavioral concern.

Additionally, I subscribe to a holistic approach. Your cat's physical, mental, and emotional health and behavior, I believe, are interconnected. Your bond with your cat and even your behaviors can impact your cat. I believe in discussing and addressing all of these areas to best help your cat and you!