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The Fulfilled Feline's Philosophy

My underlying philosophy is that cats don't have problem behavior or need fixing. What we view as problematic behavior from cats is often a cat expressing fear, stress, boredom, frustration, or other emotions. I believe we must acknowledge, understand, and show compassion for cats' emotions and emotional needs that influence their behavior to best support and enhance our bond with them.

I follow a holistic approach when helping people and their cats. Cat's overall mental, emotional, and physical health all play a role in their behavior. You can read every behavior modification book, website, and guide, but I believe we're missing a deeper understanding and connection with our cats by not looking at the bigger picture.

I integrate my background in conventional behavior practice with my holistic and intuitive approach to best support cats' emotional and behavioral needs. Evaluating our own emotions, expectations, and relationship with our cats is also a critical angle I like to explore in my practice. 

In addition to educating on behavioral and emotional wellness, I like to integrate energy healing modalities and my intuition to help cats and the people who love them. Some modalities I might recommend or incorporate are crystal healing, Reiki, meditation, chakra balancing, flower essences, and sound therapy with animal self-selection in mind.

It is imperative for me to remain authentic to my practice philosophy. If you're looking for a more straightforward approach to behavior modification or training for your cat, I am not the right practitioner, but I am happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.

Please note that I am not a veterinarian and cannot treat or diagnose medical issues regarding your cat. Behavior modification and emotional/energy healing modalities are complementary treatments to conventional medicine and should never replace medical guidance and advice from a veterinarian. If I suspect your cat may have a medical issue, I will always refer you to a veterinarian.