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The Fulfilled Feline's Philosophy

My underlying philosophy is that cats don't have problem behavior or need fixing. What we view as problematic behavior from cats is often a cat expressing fear, stress, boredom, frustration, or other emotions. I believe we must acknowledge and seek to understand what influences cats' behavior to best support them and our bond with them. 

I subscribe to an integrative approach and combine conventional behavioral practice and an emotionally-attuned, truama-informed, and holistic approach. My focus is on nurturing and understanding the cat's emotional and behavioral wellbeing. Evaluating our emotions, expectations, and relationship with our cats is a critical angle I like to explore in my practice. 

I must remain authentic to my practice philosophy. If you're looking for a strictly behavioral or training-based approach, I am not the right practitioner, but I am happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.

My Promise:

At The Fulfilled Feline, I strive to provide educational and intuitive guidance in supporting cats" emotional and behavioral wellbeing. I am compassionate and empathetic and want to understand you and your cat.

As a Fear Free Certified Professional, I do not use or believe in modalities or methods that include intimidation, force, fear, pain, or anything that may cause a cat fear, anxiety, or stress. I believe cats should have choice, control, and consent in their care. 

I believe I am a professional who can help people with cats, but I cannot offer any guarantees or a specific time frame for improvement. All cats are individuals. Their process and timing are something to be respected and honored. Anyone that promises guaranteed change or a quick fix should not be considered reputable.

​Please note that I am not a veterinarian and cannot treat or diagnose medical issues regarding your cat. If I suspect your cat may have a medical issue, I will always refer you to a veterinarian.

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